Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where can i get temporary tags in fayetteville nc?

My buddy's tags are gonna run out so he needs temp tags till the next pay check but he cant find the title to his car so the dmv is outta the question..where can we get some?|||as far as I am aware, only a dealer can get temp tags. Not a private individual, so he is out of luck unless he can borrow the money.|||only place i know of that gives temp tags are dealerships and maybe DMVs, he'll have to call the DMV and try to get another title sent to him, all he can do is call the DMV and see what they can maybe do and see what options it is, the people at the DMV are a better help than most people are on here so tell him to call the DMV, if they can't do anything then all he can do is when the tags run out he can't drive it on the street until he gets new tags, he can try driving with expired tags but he'll run the risk of a cop seeing them|||You cannot get temp tags once the vehicle is registered. Temp tags are only for use while waiting for the title to come back from the DMV on a newly purchased vehicle.

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